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Review SOAP NOTE EMR Features

EMR module for Patient Notes: SOAP, Progress, Auto-Accident, Medical!

You can
create, edit, and save progress notes per patient and per visit. This EMR module is simplistic yet highly efficient -- allowing you to record medical charting notes, PT & Chiropractic notes in seconds rather than minutes!

Our EMR is "template driven", and it allows you to create any type of template and any kind of NOTES you can imagine. Most importantly, Patient Notes are kept organized neatly - attached to the patient record for easy accessibility.

Create a template in seconds. Copy last treatment note, then simply edit!  Record progress and medical notes in under a minute! Have patients sign off on their SOAP Notes documenting medical necessity.  You'll protect yourself from liability and potential Medicare audits.

Here are some samples charting note templates others have already created (send us yours!) (PDF files):

SOAP Notes   -  Chiropractic SOAP Notes

Auto Accident Notes

Treatment Notes  -  PT & Physical Therapy Notes

Medical Notes

Pictures of EMR-Lite Module

:  See how easy it is to copy and edit notes from visit to visit

From Patient Database

From Schedules

Patient Documentation

  • Document Medical Necessity

  • Protect your practice from liability and audits

  • Medical Charting Notes

  • Chiropractic Notes

  • Physical Therapy Notes

  • Attach scanned documents to patient records

  • Attach diagnostic images to patient records

  • Attach any kind of digital media to the patient record period.

  • Create forms and letter templates

  • Merge Patient information into forms and letter templates

  • Keep a paperless office!

Adding ClaimsPrinting Claims: Payment & Adjustments Patient Statements: Printing Labels: Daily Back Ups: Providers
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